T.G., Technical Director, N.N., private student


As English has become more and more important in my career, I found it difficult to know where to start improving my language skills. I tried to learn by using CDs or reading books und evening schools. But that was not the right way for me to get ahead.

It is too one-sided because in business, technical, small talk, presentations etc. everything you’ve ever learnt is needed at the same time.  So when I got to know Alic, we developed a concept to put all these themes together. In short: I wanted the whole package - to know how to react elegantly and appropriately in various situations in English.

One of the key factors that made me relax and open up was a combination of vocabulary and phrases as I use them in German which made me be myself in another language. Over time I have learnt to confidently move on to different topics and react to different situation easily. And, more importantly, steer away from topics I want to avoid.



Christian H., Global Director Shipping Lines & Supply Chain Solution Providers Euroports B.V., private student


Easily learning a foreign language is not my strong suit !

When I was offered a new job in The Netherlands it was plain that if I wanted to survive in that kind of environment I would have to be able to casually communicate in business life at all levels and my small talk skills needed to be vamped up. At the time, those requirements were shortcomings !

Within a very short time (i.e. within 2 months !), Alic prepared me in a way that enabled me to master the job interviews and he made me feel at ease and safe in my new role right from the beginning. Thanks to Alic’s in-depth training, I was in the position to start my new activity right from the first day without pondering for too long how to best express myself. Even when I was about to write short emails I used to consider at length how to phrase them – these days it comes about by itself.

After I had been hired I moved to The Netherlands. When I was invited to the first business bash with the board members I hardly noticed that all along I was chatting away in English. And also the first expert discussions with my new colleagues went according to my expectations right from scratch.

Today I conduct negotiations and talks all over Europe and it happens quite often that I speak English without paying particular attention to it.

I’m pretty sure that without Alic’s training I wouldn’t be where I am now. He motivated me, he challenged me and he didn’t stop badgering me – and I kept working my socks off.

I exclusively owe it to Alic that nowadays I look forward to dinner invitations and interesting discussions. Another thing I have learned to thoroughly enjoy is talking at the top of my head about everything and anything with my seat-neighbour from, say, New York, especially during long-haul flights.

It’s a genuine enrichment for my life – both professionally and socially !

Alic has managed to accomplish what I didn’t consider at all possible when we first started. Personally I think that Alic is a very special person for whom I have great respect and to whom I owe a deep debt of gratitude.



Joachim C., Finance Sector, Hamburg:

As Head of Finance, numbers and figures have always been better friends than foreign languages. While I was preparing myself for job interviews some time ago, I realised that I had to survive in an English environment. I discussed the issue with a friend of mine and he gave me Alic’s digits. Since then Alic has been successful in changing my English from the initial hesitant stuttering into fluent speaking.

As I have always had problems motivating myself to learn foreign languages, I needed training that felt much more like fun than the usual ordeal. Alic listened to me carefully and he chose a type of training which was perfect for me. So we started to meet once a week for three consecutive lessons and he made me do what I had tried to avoid at all costs – spend the whole evening chatting. Alic tried to change the subject as often as possible to challenge me and he took grammar intermissions whenever necessary. Sounds strange but it turned out to be the all-in-one solution for me.

Unlike the teachers I had known in the past, he is interested in everything and anything, has a great sense of humour and is familiar with business English and slang. Whenever I felt safe during our conversation he would keep changing the subject so that I always had to expect the unexpected.

Great fun, hands-on practice-oriented training which in fact chanced my self-perception, encouraged me to pluck up the courage to speak English no matter what was going on around me and it enhanced my speaking skills to a level I actually would never have expected. I can only recommend English lessons with Alic.




Gerhard Multerer, Hamburg:


Learning and practicing English with Alic was always a delight. Every lesson was most efficient because Alic was always well prepared, it was hands-on training and the topics were easy to remember.

Alic is most empathic, trustful and cheerful and that’s why I enjoyed every single lesson with him. Even my daughter, whose attitude towards studying English was reluctant at the best of times, enjoyed her lessons with Alic. And she proved to be successful!




Britta Wohlert, private student, legal secretary in Hamburg:


I always have been and I always will be a keen buff of the English language. Two years ago I rose to the occasion to do something to enhance my English skills. It didn’t mean that I literally had to start from scratch but a lot had gone to waste over the years. So I was looking for a native speaker to ramp up my spoken English.

Alic was recommended to me as an English trainer and this combination has actually turned out to be the perfect match.

Not only did it save me from the intricate and tedious processes you’re bound to run into once you’ve made your way to the nearest language institute.

No fuss, no frills with Alic. We simply sat down and started to talk. For him it’s a cinch to make you almost forget that you’re having a chat in what’s not your native language. No frumpy teacher-student-relationship. You’re on a par with one another and that’s really the precondition that makes you TALK. Forget mistakes. They’ll get less. Forget missing vocab. It’ll pick up. What I like best is that Alic is interested in so many things. You can talk to him about virtually everything. With him the English language is no longer shrouded in mystery – it becomes reality. This applies not only to conversation but also to things in writing.

Alic treats confidential matters discretely, he is trustworthy and thanks to his winning personality people gravitate towards him.

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